Indie dance trio Estate released their latest EP today which includes two originals, Slipstream and Pressure’s On as well as as remixes from DCUP, Dirty McKenzie, and sloslylove. This is certainly a band to watch for 2013 as indie dance and nu-disco continue to make waves in the global music scene. ‘Slipstream’ gives its listeners a feeling of floating high above the earth with its tantalizing synth melodies while Pressure’s On provides a more dance-floor ready sound that will have you thinking you’ve gone back in time to an underground 1980’s nightclub. 

As for the remixes, DCUP’s take on ‘Slipstream’ is nothing short of incredible and adds some insanely catchy hooks to the original. Dirty McKenzie’s Flute Stream Remix takes things up a notch by punching up the bass drum and throwing in some classic funk guitar licks. If you aren’t at least nodding your head this one when the flute and bass line kick in, I think there may be something wrong with you. Last, but certainly not least, Sloslylove’s remix of Pressure’s On will bring you down into a state of pure relaxation and will leave you with nothing but a smile by the time it’s over. 

You can purchase the album here and view the video for ‘Slipstream’ here.

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